OPTIMUM gutter filter

Optimum gutter filter - prevents clogging of the gutter by leaves, moss, twigs and any other impurities. The filter allows the water to flow, and at the same time stops all contamination before blocking the gutter and causing various damages.

The filter is made of polyether foam resistant to weather conditions. It is easy to put on, no tools required.

The design of the filter allows it to be adapted to any gutter. The Optimum filter is resistant to damage and weather conditions, thanks to which it will fulfill its function for several years.


Discover the advantages of our filter

Length: 125 cm
Width: 12.5 cm
The product is intended for 125 mm gutters.

We sell in packages:
- 8 each
- 1 each

Gutter filters of other dimensions are made on an individual order

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